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14 AprMiley admits she needs acting coach

Miley Cyrus has apparently admitted that she needs an acting coach after the last song movie has launched to generally poor reviews. The young star has never had an acting coach in the past and was taught how to act by her father, Billy Ray Cyrus. Now she wants to be a big movie star she will need to know how to act very professionally. Miley said:

“I’m probably going to book an acting coach”

“I’m kind of bipolar in my acting choices because I just want to do a little bit of everything, “One day I’m telling my mum I want to do an action movie, and then I want to be doing comedy”

“I’ve not taken acting lessons or anything but it doesn’t mean I don’t need to.”

Good to see that Miley is able to assess her weaknesses. I’m not sure she needs an acting coach but you can always improve! What do you think?

07 AprLast Song Movie not doing as well as Dear John

The Last Song movie isn’t holding up as well as the other Nicholas Sparks movie, Dear John. We reported earlier that competition was brewing between Dear John and the Last Song and it seems that Dear John is doing much better. The Last Song made 16 million on its opening weekend whereas Dear John made 30 million. Having said this, it is still playing in theaters so we won’t know for a few weeks how well the last song has really done. The movie begins to be released internationally in the next few weeks.

02 AprLast Song Movie does well despite bad reviews

Despite poor reviews, the Last Song movie made $5 million on Wednesday and is expected to make about $16 million in its opening weekend. It faces competition from other movies such as Clash of the Titans but is still expected to pull in a good profit. This is despite generally poor reviews for the movie, it is currently at a rating of 3.9 out of 10 on IMDB.

31 MarLast Song Movie is released!

The Last Song movie is finally released today! Some reviews have already been coming in. Unfortunately the reviews are not very positive, only 8 percent of critics said that it was above average according to rotten tomatoes. Many critics say that it is very similar to previous Nicholas Sparks movies such as the Notebook.

Having said this, some have left the theaters loving the movie and there have been some very positive comments about Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s roles.

If you are a fan of Nicholas Sparks movies then you will probably like this one, but don’t go in expecting anything else.

27 MarLast Song Premiere

The Premiere of the Last Song took place on Thursday night. Miley turned up with her boyfriend and co-star Liam Hemsworth at her side along with her father and brother. See the pictures below!:

27 MarNew UK Posters released

Check out the new UK posters for the last song movie! The movie is being released there a month later on the 29th of April.

25 MarMiley calls Last Song Movie a ’stepping stone’

Miley Cyrus has called the Last Song Movie a ’stepping stone’ for her career. Many people have said for a long time now that this could be Miley’s number one chance of breaking out of her Hannah Montana role and moving into the movie industry. Many movie producers will surely be watching the last song closely to see how she holds up and whether she could pull off other roles.

Speaking to MSN Miley said:

“I think my next step, I’ll get more and more mature and edgier, but I think it was the best stepping stone for me.”
“I didn’t want to sing in the film. We sang in the car that once, but that doesn’t really count. I didn’t want to do a performance thing,” she said.
“I never say I’m not going to do anything. Then if I end up doing it, I’m going to get a lot of c**p. ‘She said she’d never…’, you know? And I don’t have time for that drama and people freaking out.
“But most likely, I’d like to stay away from music in films and do a little something less obvious.”